Disabled sign on a car: installation rules

What are the benefits of the Disabled Badge and who is it issued to?

The Disabled person sign on the car window gives you the right to park in disabled spaces. These places are specially marked in the parking lots of all public places: at supermarkets and government agencies.

A special parking space is allocated as close as possible to the entrance to the building. If a car is parked in this place and has a special identification mark on the glass, no one has the right to tow it or fine it. Traffic police officers are required to ensure that these rules are observed, as well as to ensure that special parking spaces are not occupied by those who do not have the right to do so.

This sign can only be used by disabled people of groups 1 and 2, and in some cases - by people with disability group 3.

Persons entitled to install a sign

The list of persons who have the right to install a “Disabled Person” sign is defined in the RF Government Regulation No. 1090 dated October 23, 1993. A special sign is placed on the vehicle of the following persons:

  1. Disabled people of all groups. Starting from 12/08/2018, the right is also granted to persons with group 3 on the basis of amendments made by the Russian Federation Regulations dated 11/24/2018 No. 1414.
  2. Parents, adoptive parents or guardians of children with disabilities. Additionally, at the request of the owner, a “Child in the car” sticker is installed.
  3. Persons transporting citizens with limited bodily functions.

Important! The sign is issued not for a vehicle, but for a disabled person as a measure of protection and to receive benefits. The owner of the plate can install it in his own vehicle or on a carrier’s vehicle, for example, a taxi.

Carriers of persons with disabilities must display identifying signs only for the duration of transportation. At other times, even if there is a sign, benefits are not provided. A fine is imposed for a carrier using a sign in the absence of a person.

The driver of a vehicle with the identification sign “Disabled” is obliged, at the request of a police officer, to present documents confirming the presence of a disability.

RF PP dated October 23, 1993 No. 1090 “On traffic rules” (clause 2.1.1 clause 2)

Why do people who don't have a car need a Disabled sign?

The Disabled Badge can also be used by those who do not have their own car. The law does not prohibit this, and what is not prohibited is permitted by default. It turns out that a person with a disability has the right to hang this sign on any vehicle that transports him. This also applies to cars that transport disabled children.

Sign design in Moscow

To register a mark, individuals must contact the ITU office located at the place of registration. The superior organizations challenging decisions and considering controversial issues are the Main and Federal Bureaus of the ITU. Signs are issued in Moscow by:

  1. ITU Bureau Branches, numbering 95 offices;
  2. ITU Main Bureau for Moscow, located: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 13, building 1. Persons contact if they have complaints about the actions of the department.
  3. Federal Bureau of ITU, located at: Moscow, st. Ivan Susanina, 3. Consider issues not resolved by the Main Bureau.

Persons with disabilities living in Moscow can take advantage of special parking procedures. Citizens obtain permits giving the right to free vehicle parking. Permits are provided for vehicles with registration of the benefit in the register. The benefit is issued through the MFC.

Where can I get a Disabled Person badge and what is needed for this?

A special sign for vehicles can be obtained from the ITU office. You can get a card at a city or district branch, regional office or at the Federal Bureau. The easiest way to do this is at your place of residence.

To obtain a sign, you need to submit a written application (the forms will be provided to you at the bureau). It is necessary to include personal data in the application - full name, passport and insurance policy details. You will have to provide originals of your passport and disability certificate. The Bureau is obliged to issue you a badge within a month after submitting your application.

Where to get the “Disabled” badge: issuing authorities and documents

You can get a sign for people with disabilities at ITU (formerly VTEC). The Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise is presented in the form of 3 specific organizations:

  • ITU branches in regions and cities (you should contact them first),
  • The main bureau is where to contact when appealing decisions by branches and if additional examinations are required,
  • Federal Bureau - here you can get a Disabled Person badge if you need to appeal the decision of the main branch of the institution or in particularly difficult cases of establishing disability.

When contacting an ITU branch, a written application will be required. The application contains all the standard information - from the full name of the disabled person and his residential address to the insurance policy number. Additionally, when applying, a disabled person will need the following documents: passport/birth certificate and certificate of disability.

In addition to the time required to register the application itself, after submitting the application, the sign is issued to the applicant no later than 1 month.

New type of Disabled person sign

Whereas before the sign simply looked like a yellow card with a black outline applied, a lot has now changed. The sign acquired a serial number, as well as printed information about the owner, including date of birth and disability information. In addition, the name of the region and expiration date appeared on the sign.

It now looks like this:

Confirmation of the right to place a sign

The applicant must confirm the right to the benefit by attaching documents to the application. The legislation does not establish a requirement to submit original documents. The copies attached to the application are certified in accordance with established standards by a notary, by an inspector when accepting documents. Foreign nationals have the right to provide documents certified by an apostille.

Purpose of informationScrolladditional information
Confirmation of the identity of a citizen of the Russian FederationPassport, child’s birth certificate, temporary identity cardAny of the documents permitted for identification is provided
Identity card of a foreign national or stateless personPassport or other international document and permission to reside or stay in the Russian FederationThe sign is issued for foreign citizens, stateless persons, internally displaced persons, refugees
Group confirmationCertificate of disabilityWhen issuing a sign for a child, additional documents of a representative of interests will be required.

Important! Verification of documents and production of a special index are carried out within a month from the date of submission of the application.

Each mark for individual use is registered in a journal in paper or electronic format. Records are certified by manual or electronic signatures of a senior executive.

What are the consequences of losing the Disabled Badge and where are traffic police officers now on duty?

There is no penalty for losing a sign. The only trouble that awaits you is the month-long procedure for obtaining a new card. Only the second time the sign will have an o, which means that the lost original will be considered invalid. Another significant point is that if you have moved, you will have to go for a new sign; this is dictated by the new rules for installing the Disabled sign.

And lastly, the author of this material walks the same route every day past the supermarket parking lot. It is curious that since September 4, traffic police officers have literally been on duty there, precisely in the parking area for the disabled. Why did it happen?

If you have already received such a badge or are having problems receiving it, write about it in the comments!

You can read the full version of the Order of the Ministry of Labor No. 443 dated July 4, 2018 on approval of the procedure for issuing a new sign at this LINK.

Types of symbols used by people with disabilities

The format of specialized road signs and their geometric parameters are approved in GD No. 1090, taking into account the changes made by GD of the Russian Federation dated November 24, 2018 No. 1414.

Pointer typeOptions Addition
Basic, used by persons with disabilities or carriersIt has the shape of a square with a side of 150 mm. The symbol “man in a wheelchair” (8.17) is black and is located in the center of a square with a yellow background Placed on both the front and rear of the glass or vehicle body
Additional (mandatory), installed in vehicles of hard of hearing personsIt has the shape of a circle with a diameter of 160 mm. A yellow circle contains 3 small black circles with a diameter of 40 mm Must be installed at the front and rear of the vehicle

The placement of the sign must not obstruct the driver's view while driving. The specific installation location is not determined by law. The preferred locations are the lower right side of the front window or the left side of the rear window.

Starting from September 4, 2021, new rules apply for obtaining special signs for individual use by persons with limited bodily functions. The amended procedure for issuing a sign is determined by Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated July 4, 2018 No. 443n. Previously, individuals were given the opportunity to purchase a sign on the open market or make it themselves. The new requirements provide for the presence of an individual information sign on each side.

Rules for issuing the “Disabled” badge from December 2021

Details Category: Traffic rules Published 11/30/2018

The government has made further changes to the traffic rules regarding the “Disabled” sign, which will come into force in December 2021.

As the portal previously reported, Federal Law No. 477-FZ amended Article 15 of the Federal Law “On Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities in the Russian Federation”, according to which at each parking lot (stop) of vehicles at least 10% of the spaces must be allocated for free parking of vehicles vehicles driven by disabled people of groups I, II, as well as disabled people of group III, and vehicles transporting such disabled people and (or) disabled children.

According to the latest amendments to the legislation, changes have also been made to the traffic rules of the Russian Federation. The corresponding Government Resolution No. 1414 dated November 24, 2021 was published yesterday on the Cabinet of Ministers website.

According to the amendments, it is provided that the identification sign “Disabled” can now be installed on vehicles driven by disabled people not only of groups I and II, but also of group III, as well as those transporting such disabled people and (or) disabled children.

Signs 3.28 (“Parking prohibited”), 3.29 (“Parking prohibited on odd days of the month”) and 3.30 (“Parking prohibited on even days of the month”) will not apply to this category of citizens.

In this regard, appropriate changes have been made to the concept of the identification sign “Disabled”, enshrined in the Basic Provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation, as well as to Appendix 1 to the Traffic Regulations in terms of specifying the non-extension of the requirements of a number of signs to vehicles driven by disabled people, transporting disabled people or disabled children.

At the same time, passage under the “No Traffic” sign is still allowed only to disabled people of groups I and II.

These changes will come into force 7 days after the official publication of the Resolution. To date, it has not been officially published, so the changes will only take effect in December 2021.

You can no longer buy a picture of the “Disabled” sign

Since 09/04/2018, the familiar yellow car stickers are issued only by the medical and social examination bureau, where disability is confirmed.

In this regard, the new “Disabled Person” sign on the car was withdrawn from free sale and externally changed (although at first glance this is not noticeable).

As a result, now the new type of “Disabled” badge is issued not to a car, but to a specific person who can install it on any car in which he travels.

There is a right to benefits (preferential parking, etc.) only when the car is transporting a disabled person. The mere fact that there is a sticker on the car does not mean anything.

For more information about this, see “How to write an application for the issuance of a “Disabled” badge from 2018.”

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