Rigid couplings for passenger cars drawings
TYPES, MAIN PARAMETERS AND DIMENSIONS 1.1. Depending on the design, towing systems should be distinguished
Is it possible to drive a scooter with a category B license in 2021?
Today, for any type of transport you need a driver’s license with a certain category. Some
At what age can you ride a scooter or moped?
At what age is a child allowed to ride a moped and scooter? Today's teenagers are very lucky.
In what cases is it possible to restore a part?
Replacing a car body or other numbered units
Good afternoon, dear reader. A new law should come into force on January 1, 2021
VIN input field
Where is the location of the vehicle?
Good afternoon, dear reader. In this article we will talk about the traffic police service, which allows
After a divorce, how long does it take to file for division of property?
Registering a vehicle with the traffic police: how long can you not register a car? Deadline for
Requirements for a car first aid kit in 2021
The road is a dangerous and unpredictable place. A car first aid kit 2021 helps to avoid the consequences of some injuries.
How to get a title for a car?
How are duplicates different from originals? The duplicate PTS has virtually no differences from the original. Despite
How to correctly fill out an application for an accident to the traffic police
Necessary documents for registration In order to confirm the fact of the accident and its nature, the parties
When should you change your car's shoes in winter 2021?
Is it true that a ban on summer tires will be introduced from November 11?
1. When should I change my car’s shoes in winter 2021? 1.1. What does the law say? 1.2. And before
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