How much does it really cost to get a driving license?
People who want to get the right to drive a car are primarily interested in the cost of training for a driver's license.
How to find out who issued a driver's license
How to find out who issued a driver's license The right to drive must always be confirmed by a document. This
Power of attorney for driver
Do you need a power of attorney to drive a car if you are included in the MTPL: features, rules, legislation
What documents should the driver have? When using a vehicle, the driver should always have
All categories of driver's licenses 2021 with decoding: A, B, C, D, M, BE, CE, DE
What's new in licensing in 2018? Changes for car owners in 2021
Features of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic in 2021
Alexander decided to rent a car abroad. He had questions: does the
Causing harm to health in an accident
Liability for road accidents with victims
Russia is one of the world leaders in the number of injured and killed in road accidents.
Review of planned changes to the rules from the Ministry of Transport
The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has prepared a 19-page draft amendments to the traffic rules. Conditionally, the proposals of officials can be divided
How to obtain a certificate electronically in 2021?
Driver's license with microchip. How do they look?
Electronic driver's license - will it be introduced in 2021? No. Digital driver's license for now
What documents are needed for Green Card insurance?
The green card is an international insurance policy, which is similar to domestic MTPL insurance. That is, he
How to install car curtains instead of tinting
Types of curtains Each category of sun protection products for cars has its own characteristics that are definitely needed
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