Restoration of an old car! Stages of work!
"Antique Cars" is a company specializing in services related to vintage cars: sales, investments and
Sealing machine
The bailiffs took the car, what should I do?
What does the concept of “vehicle seizure” mean? The seizure of a vehicle is a type of imposition of sanctions on property.
The exact answer to whether the Spikes sign on cars has been canceled in 2021
Penalty for Spike Sign (Cancelled) Every time winter comes, the first thing motorists take care of is
Banks participating in the first car program
State program “Family car” in 2021: conditions, list of cars. How to register for the program?
For many people, buying their first vehicle is a daunting task. It happens that there is not enough
Encephalography indicators
Do you need an encephalogram of the brain to obtain a license in 2021?
The medical service has introduced a new service - an electroencephalogram. This is a study of the bioelectrical activity of the brain. EEG
Why can the traffic police issue you a fine of 500 rubles?
Unreadable license plates Drivers and motorcyclists should note that their plates must always be legible.
Changing license plates on a car without changing ownership
○ In what cases is it necessary to replace the license plate? The obligation to replace numbers arises due to
How to find out if property has been seized
Why can a car be seized? Seizure involves imposing a ban on the disposal or use of
Is it possible to get a tax refund when buying a car?
Drawing up a VAT return First, decide on the total amount of tax payments to be reimbursed.
Banning procedure
Above what amount of debt does the FSSP prohibit registration of a vehicle?
In 2021, the number of Russians who found themselves under a travel ban increased by 76% and
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