seat belt pretensioner
Car security systems. Part 2. Additional devices for seat belts.
Not every Russian car owner will be able to correctly answer the question of what a seat belt pretensioner is.
What does the hammer sign mean on a bus lane?
Home » Blog » Road signs and their designations 05.05.2020 No comments Domestic traffic rules
What are the consequences of failure to pay fines from traffic police cameras?
How can you avoid paying fines from traffic police cameras? How to avoid paying fines when you come
Transport tax return for 2021: form and example of completion
Deadline for payment of transport tax The organization pays transport tax for each car registered to it.
photo 1
Procedure for evacuating your vehicle to an impound lot in Rostov-on-Don
What is the size of the fine? For which violations the car is taken away: parking and other reasons
Tinted window and headlights
How to do tinting yourself (video instructions)
Types of tinting Films for tinting car windows differ in quality, shades and degree of light transmittance.
New rules for installing the Disabled sign in 2018: what has changed
Disabled sign on a car: installation rules
What are the benefits of the Disabled Badge and to whom is it issued? The Disabled Badge on car glass
metric horsepower
Transport tax calculator Ryazan region
Category of taxpayers for whom the benefit is established Corresponding article (clause) of the law of the subject of the Russian Federation Grounds
Transport Tax Rates Arkhangelsk Region 2021
Deadlines for payment of road tax Document number Date of document Payment deadline for individuals. persons Term
This is what the official Internet portal of government services looks like
How and within what time frame should a car be registered with the tax office?
12/01/2015 When registering a car or making changes to documents, the traffic police transmits transport data
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