Validity period for a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist for your license in 2021

About the receipt procedure

As we have already said, it is issued only at the place of registration.
What if you live in another city? For example, you are originally from Yekaterinburg, but live in Moscow. Previously, the law was harsh - “no matter where you are, we will only give you a certificate in your hometown.” Passing the commission was not an easy task. In 2014, the situation changed for the better; now every citizen can receive a document from a psychiatrist and narcologist at the place of temporary registration. So, if there are no problems with this registration form and you registered more than six months ago, then you can safely go for a certificate.

They are issued by specialized institutions, which are very easy to find on the Internet. Almost all dispensaries have a website where you can check the days and times of appointment. Be sure to keep in mind that certificates from a narcologist and a psychiatrist for various purposes differ in their expiration dates and undergo an examination in advance.

Increasingly stringent requirements are being imposed when issuing various IDs and certificates.

It is often necessary to provide a certificate from a psychiatrist, as well as a narcologist, stating that the person is not registered with these specialists at the dispensary.

And the examination is not complicated, but it still requires some time to visit special medical institutions and conduct an examination.

In this article we will look at the conditions for obtaining certificates and find out the validity period of certificates from a psychiatrist and narcologist when obtaining a license, a visa, when applying for a job and when preparing documents for weapons. Let's consider all these cases of obtaining certificates in more detail.

Such certificates are required to obtain a driver's license, license to operate watercraft (boats) and aircraft (including private ones). What is the validity period of a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist in this case? Let's look at it below.

More and more enterprises, when conducting medical examinations and medical examinations, include these specialists in the lists of mandatory doctors. Employers impose the same requirements on new employees.

In addition to certificates of absence of serious illnesses, it is necessary to provide documents indicating the absence of mental disorders and addictions. Some enterprises are fighting smoking. Even the presence of this habit can be a reason for refusal of employment, not to mention drug abuse.

How long is a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist received upon hiring valid? We will answer this question later.

In Russia, obtaining a driver’s license has long required such a certificate, and in the CIS countries too. In Europe and the USA, where the fight against drug addiction is actively being carried out, such a document is also relevant.

If you are asked to undergo such a test when applying for a job, you should not be surprised, much less panic. No one suspects you of anything; most likely, the head of the company is interested in formalizing labor cooperation for a long time.

Military personnel, public transport drivers, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, pilots, bodyguards and security guards and many others whose professional duties include protecting the lives of others, whose actions may pose a threat to the lives of other citizens and involve the use of weapons, undergo mandatory examination by a narcologist and a psychiatrist.

The procedure for obtaining certificates from a psychiatrist and narcologist is quite simple. To do this, a citizen goes to a special dispensary at his place of residence and undergoes an examination by an appropriate specialist. Sometimes it is enough to get only a psychiatrist's opinion.

Using special techniques, the doctor assesses the degree of adequacy of the individual and determines whether there are any mental abnormalities.

You should also know that when undergoing a consultation with a narcologist, the biomaterial is examined to detect traces of drug content without fail.

Citizens registered at neurological or drug addiction dispensaries are not issued such certificates.

For persons discharged after treatment, the medical certificate describes in detail the history of mental disorder or drug addiction disease.

In state public hospitals, in order to obtain certificates from a psychiatrist and narcologist, in addition to consultations with the specialists themselves, you will have to take tests for AIDS and RW (blood for syphilis).

So, how long are certificates from a narcologist and psychiatrist valid? When receiving different types of documents, the validity periods of these certificates also differ.

It should be remembered that certificates from a narcologist and a psychiatrist are issued on different forms and are separate documents. One of them is issued at a drug treatment clinic, and the other at a psychiatric clinic (dispensary) at the place of residence.

For the driver

To obtain documents for driving any transport, providing certificates of absence of mental disorders and drug addiction is a mandatory condition.

Doctors subject public transport drivers (categories C and E) to a particularly thorough examination.

Traffic police inspectors also often require the presentation of such certificates, for example, during the initial driving test, in case of loss or confiscation of a driver’s license, during medical examinations, etc.

Such medical certificates are issued in any psychiatric, drug treatment or other licensed institution. The certificate is valid for a year. But it is enough to carry out repeated examinations once every 2 years, since it is for this period that documents on passing a medical examination are issued. This is the answer to the question about the validity period of a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist for drivers.

It should be remembered that for those who get a job, the certificate is valid for only six months. This is due to the fact that during this period of time a citizen may move or develop any mental disorders.

This document is provided one-time when applying for a job. And in the future, its provision is not required if the place of employment does not change.

Thus, we answered the question about the validity period of a certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist for citizens applying for a job.

I would like to consider in more detail the conditions for issuing these certificates for citizens who decide to buy weapons. To obtain permission, a more thorough check of the citizen’s condition is carried out.

Since the presence of a weapon in a mentally unstable person can pose a danger to the people around him, specialists conduct the examination with greater care and severity. The medical examination is carried out on the basis of a psychiatric medical institution.

The commission consists of at least three people, a collegial survey of the citizen takes place, and on its basis a decision is made to issue a weapons permit.

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Since weapons should not be in the hands of drug addicts and mentally ill people, the certificate is valid for only six months, after which the permit will have to be confirmed again. This is the validity period of a certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist when receiving documents for weapons.

Upon receipt of a visa

To obtain a visa to any country, a certificate is issued indicating: “at the place of request.” The registration procedure can last a month.

You should also take into account the fact that this certificate should be provided to the consulate of a certain country no later than 14-30 days before departure.

However, documents are not returned to their owners, including medical certificates. The validity period of a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist is one year from the date of its issue.

The validity period of certificate 086/у is only six months. After this time, the citizen will again have to undergo a medical examination by all specialists. In addition, if during the validity period of the certificate he suffers a serious illness or surgery, then the certificate is canceled and the employee is sent to the commission again.

It is definitely not possible to answer the frequently asked question about how long a certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist is valid for employment, if the area of ​​work differs from the direction of the medical examination.

Some personnel services do not recognize the results of commissions as valid, because...

They were not the ones who gave referrals for them, explaining this by the need to undergo examination by additional specialists, even if the person had a valid certificate in hand.

Let's start by studying the process of obtaining the mentioned paper. In real life, the operation does not cause much trouble.

In general, the procedure for obtaining a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist (the validity period of the document depends on the reason for receipt) can be represented as follows:

  1. Collecting a package of papers. We'll talk about it later.
  2. Contacting specialized organizations with a request to issue a certificate.
  3. Examinations by a psychiatrist and narcologist.
  4. Receipt of the finished document.

In some cases, the narcologist may send the patient for additional tests. For example, conduct a study of biological fluids. Using these tests, it is possible to understand whether a citizen has drugs or alcohol in his blood and urine. Quite often you have to be tested for syphilis and AIDS.

Extracts of the established form will not be issued to persons registered at a psychiatric or drug treatment clinic. If a person is deregistered, the certificate will describe in detail the reason for monitoring the citizen.

Application area

Medical documents can take different forms, respectively, and the expiration date of a certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist differs depending on the situation for which they are required. Such conclusions may be useful in some cases.


Obtaining a driver's license for the first time or replacing it. The procedure for medical examination of drivers and driver candidates is established by Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 344-N dated June 15, 2015. The document stipulates the need to undergo a medical examination and obtain a conclusion

for everyone who is going to network behind the wheel. Among other doctors, it is necessary to visit a narcologist and a psychiatrist and obtain from them an opinion on the ability to drive a vehicle.


Registration of a weapons license. Whether you are an amateur hunter or a professional who deals with firearms as part of your professional activity, you will not be able to purchase a rifle, pistol or other weapon without a license. This norm is enshrined in the Federal Law “On Weapons” dated December 13, 1996 No. 150-FZ. Detailed information about the expiration date of certificates from dispensaries, including for weapons, is below. The list of doctors conducting medical examinations to obtain a license (

), including a psychiatrist and a narcologist.


Persons applying for “harmful” positions must undergo a preliminary medical examination, to which their future employer directs them. The list of doctors and studies is determined depending on the harmful factors present during the work, and includes visits to a narcologist and a psychiatrist.

The Labor Code of the Russian Federation prohibits requiring documents other than those specified in Article 65 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation for employment, but many employers ask their employees to bring confirmation that they are not registered with the IPA and drug dispensary, if not immediately upon concluding an employment contract, then soon after employment . In some cases, this is justified, since persons with such specific problems will not be allowed into any secure facility without visiting a narcologist and psychiatrist, and their involvement in work of increased complexity and danger threatens the employer with serious troubles.

The form of such documents is not defined, but in fact they look the same.

Family and Children

Registration of guardianship or adoption. It is logical that before placing a child in a family, the guardianship authorities should make sure that the members of this family are healthy and the psychological climate is favorable, so a visit to a narcologist and a psychiatrist cannot be avoided.

Other cases

Certificates confirming mental health and the absence of drug and other addictions may be required in court, in banks when issuing guarantees for loans, etc.

Conclusions from a narcologist and psychiatrist are also required when obtaining long-term visas to certain countries or citizenships.

In what cases is a certificate needed?

As a rule, it is requested not on their own initiative, but due to compelling situations. For example, when undergoing a medical examination before (traffic police). This is relevant not only for future motorists, but also for drivers of aircraft and watercraft. The decision of the medical commission confirms that you are able to drive a vehicle, are not aggressive, and are emotionally and mentally stable.

But even if you have driver credentials, after some time you may again have to provide information that you are not registered and feel satisfactory.

For example:

  • if you decide to master one or more categories of driving;
  • information should be updated after 10 years;
  • in case you need to submit a request for an international driver's license;
  • you will restore data after deprivation or loss.

This is also done for safety, because some professions require greater concentration and concentration, and not following certain commands and rules can have dire consequences. The medical report must be brought to the place of work only once and submitted to the HR department.

If the employer does not make any clarifications, then you will have to undergo a standard psychiatric examination. To do this, go to the hospital at your place of registration and go through all the specialists in turn. They usually start with a therapist, who gives a referral to a drug treatment clinic.

There are exceptions to enterprises where it is mandatory to undergo medical examinations every 6 or 12 months. Typically, these job profiles are those with a high degree of responsibility, as well as those occupations where workers use and have access to firearms, such as law enforcement officers, bodyguards and security guards.

A medical verdict will come in handy if you decide to sell your apartment. Often, in order to avoid troubles, they provide a certificate of legal capacity with opinions from a narcologist and a psychiatrist. This is necessary in order to secure the process and in case of conflicts, the seller could not cancel the transaction, citing the fact that he was not able to be responsible for his actions.

Another reason to see a doctor is the decision to purchase a pistol or other weapon, the need to use it for duty. The weapons commission will also require a medical opinion from you.

You can get a certificate from a narcologist by following standard instructions, but with a psychiatrist it’s a little more complicated. Since weapons are always associated with high risks, you will be checked more thoroughly. A panel of doctors consisting of at least 3 doctors will reach a verdict jointly.

When enrolling in educational institutions, you should also confirm that you can master the information and continue to work without harm to yourself and others.

It is worth noting that some countries have special conditions for entry, so be prepared to provide evidence that you are not registered with a narcologist or psychologist; this will be required to obtain a visa to a number of countries.

Cost of certificates from a narcologist and psychiatrist

We would like to draw the attention of our readers to the fact that in the vast majority of cases the inspection is carried out on a paid basis. However, there are exceptions, but in this case we are usually not talking about some kind of benefit provided by medical institutions, but about the readiness, for example, of the employing company, to compensate you for financial expenses in this area.

New rules that recently came into force state that a citizen who needs certificates can receive them not only at his place of residence, but also at any other medical institution. Although, if, for example, you have only one drug treatment clinic and one psychiatric hospital in your city, you will still have to fill out the necessary documents upon reaching your destination, wherever it may be.

Pricing for this type of services from medical organizations will be influenced by individual factors relevant to:

  • regions;
  • cities;
  • specific medical institutions;
  • prices prevailing in the market.

The average price of the indicated certificates starts from 600-700 rubles, and ends at a value of 1000-1500 rubles.

In many cases, in addition to payment, you will also need to present a referral for an examination.

How much it will cost to obtain the certificate we are interested in will depend on the pricing policy that takes place in a particular medical institution

Where to get it

The validity period of certificates from a narcologist and psychiatrist does not depend on where exactly the document was issued. Residents of the Russian Federation can request paper in several places. At the same time, everyone decides for themselves where to turn.

Today the following options are possible:

  • registration of certificates in public hospitals;
  • contacting specialized dispensaries;
  • undergoing examination of the established form in private clinics.

It is important to remember that a certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist are not the same thing. A citizen usually receives two different documents with a similar validity period.

The whole procedure is simple and will not take you much time. To do this, go to a special drug dispensary at your place of residence; appointments take place on weekdays and do not require an appointment. A narcologist will ask you to submit biomaterials to identify traces of narcotic substances in them.

The test is carried out immediately, and you will leave the office with the document. The process with a psychiatrist is also quite simple. The doctor will assess your adequacy using special techniques and give you a conclusion.

Certificate from a drug treatment clinic: 5 situations in which a completed form is needed 2 main types of certificates 2 ways to become the owner of the necessary paper 5 tips for those who want to prepare a certificate on their own.

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A drug treatment clinic is not the most pleasant place on earth, which, according to some ordinary people, normal people cannot get into. Only weak marginalized people go there and become slaves to some bad habit.

On the one hand, this is true, but on the other, it’s not entirely true, because, firstly, no one in life is immune from a wrong step, and secondly, a certificate from a drug treatment clinic is a document that is needed in many situations, so you need to know how to arrange it.

The procedure for obtaining the form itself is not too complicated, but sometimes bureaucratic red tape gets involved and you have to look for additional options.

Dispensary comes from the French word dispenso, which translates as “distributing.” This is a special medical institution that provides a number of medical services and also monitors the further health of its patients.

There are different types of dispensaries (tuberculosis, oncology, dermatovenerological, cardiological and others).

Perhaps one of the most popular today is drug treatment. Its main functions are:

  • determining the diagnosis of drug addiction or alcoholism;
  • registration of drug and alcohol addicts;
  • treatment of patients on an outpatient basis;
  • referring them for treatment to rehabilitation centers;
  • issuance of certificates.

It is the latter that encourages people who do not suffer from either alcohol or drug addiction to go to the dispensary.

There are several hundred drug treatment clinics in Russia where you can obtain the certificate you need.

Let's sum it up

A certificate from a narcologist and a similar document from a psychologist are papers that can figuratively open the door to many opportunities that are so valuable to a person. For example, you can get a job in some positions only after passing the doctor's data. How to actually get a driver's license. It is important to go through all the specialists on time and achieve your goals. Do not be afraid of the examination procedure, it is painless. You will just need to answer some questions from the doctors.

Validity period of the medical certificate

A certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist is valid from 6 to 12 months. If the requirements of the profession require regular medical examinations, then you will need to contact specialists again to confirm that over the past time your mental balance has remained at the proper level. For example, if you want to get a job in the civil service or in a bank, then the validity of this medical document will be 6 months.

For the State Road Safety Inspectorate it is valid for 1 year.

As a result of the transformation of existing legislative acts for the State Road Safety Inspectorate, it is valid for 1 year. The report starts from the day when the document was handed over personally to the future driver.

A certificate from a narcologist is valid for the employer for only six months. It is believed that during this time, a person is able to change his place of residence or he may develop an addiction.

To obtain a visa, it is valid for 1 year. Do not lose sight of the fact that visa documents are requested 2 weeks before the scheduled departure date.

For the weapons commission, the service life is six months.

To obtain or exchange a driver's license, you must undergo a medical examination. It is impossible to obtain a certificate without providing a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist. The validity period of such a document and how to obtain it are described in detail in this material.

What it is

A certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist is the main document confirming the satisfactory condition of a citizen who is allowed to drive a vehicle.

The purpose of the medical examination is to prevent situations involving driving of a technical vehicle that is a source of increased danger, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, by an incapacitated person.

In addition, if there is confirmation of a citizen’s limited or complete incapacity, this may become a reason for releasing him from administrative or criminal liability due to the inability to independently answer for his actions.

To provide information about a medical examination to the traffic police, an original certificate is not required. The fact that the citizen has successfully passed the inspection is entered into the registration card for obtaining a driver’s license.

This document also contains information about reporting to other doctors, a list of which is established for presentation to the traffic police. The card is certified by the head doctor of the clinic where the driver was examined.

A visit to a narcologist and a psychiatrist is mandatory if a medical examination is scheduled for the purpose of admission to driving a vehicle.

A certificate is issued:

  • when first obtaining a driver's license;
  • every 10 years when replacing a license to confirm the health status of the vehicle driver;
  • in emergency situations, when there is a need to restore a certificate confiscated by traffic police officers during an emergency situation, if there are prerequisites for the person to be in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, or in an inadequate mental state.

The certificate is submitted to the traffic police upon receipt or replacement of a driver’s license. It is not necessary to have it in the car when driving and to present it to road service employees.

According to traffic police statistics, about 15% of accidents in Russia occur due to drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It is required to obtain a certificate from the specified doctors for the following categories of workers:

  1. Medical examination is used in cases of driving motor boats, sea vessels, aircraft and when working in hazardous industries, as well as interaction with any sources of increased danger.
  2. According to labor legislation, a certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist is required when applying for a job in a certain profession, again related to the management of a source of increased danger. The inspection is required to be completed once when concluding an employment contract or regularly. It is mandatory for teachers of various educational institutions to undergo a medical examination on an annual basis.
  3. It is mandatory to attend an examination by medical personnel, crane operators and other workers involved in operating high-altitude devices, tower cranes, etc. Without this document they are not allowed to carry out work.

A visit to a narcologist and psychiatrist is required to obtain a visa. In this case, a mark is made at the location of the requirement. The document is submitted to the local branch of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. It is possible to prepare a certificate from a Russian consular office abroad before planning a trip to Russia for a long-term stay. Registration usually takes place 14-30 days before the planned departure date.

At what age can you get a category A1 driver's license? Find the answer on this page.

Many drivers are interested in how long the certificate is valid for and whether they need to undergo inspection regularly.

The validity period of the certificate of 1 year is interrupted in the following circumstances:

  • the driver has chronic diseases;
  • restrictions on driving a vehicle due to certain circumstances;
  • in connection with the professional activity of driving cars for passenger or cargo transportation;
  • at the age of up to 21 and after 50 years.

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For drivers of categories B, C and D, the conclusion of a psychiatrist and narcologist replaces the need to undergo an EEG (electroencephalogram) procedure with an examination of the state of the brain. Such studies are carried out only if there is a referral from a neurologist in specific cases.

The certificate may indicate regular medical examinations. This is due to the fact that the physical or emotional state of some persons is subject to deterioration in order to control the situation to prevent the person from committing accidents on the road.

Certificate form 086/у is only half a year. After this time has expired, the driver of certain equipment or another employee engaged in specific types of work must return to the medical facility again for examination by specialists.

Sometimes the personnel department of an enterprise recognizes the provided certificate as invalid due to the lack of a referral for a medical examination at a certain medical institution or within a time frame not stated by the employer.

Sometimes it is necessary to undergo an examination by additional specialists in other areas before going to see a psychiatrist and narcologist.

The validity period of the certificate also depends on the physical state of health of the citizen:

  • if everything is in order with health, the validity period of the certificate can be set at 3 years;
  • in case of deviations, it is necessary to undergo medical control every 6 months or every year.

Despite the limited validity period of a medical report, it is not necessary to obtain certificates from the specified specialists every 1-3 years, despite the fact that the validity of a driver’s license is 10 years.

How to get

To obtain a certificate, you need to go to the clinic at your place of permanent residence or undergo a medical examination to obtain or restore a driver’s license. Referrals are often carried out on a commercial basis according to approved tariffs by a specific medical institution.

In some cases, the inspection may be carried out free of charge. You can also apply at your place of actual residence, even if it is temporary.

Based on this, according to the new approved rules, a citizen can obtain a medical examination at his location, but he will still have to receive the card at his registration address. Such situations arise when a citizen, for example, is on a business trip.

An agreement is concluded with a medical institution for payment and provision of services; the cost is set individually depending on the prices of the medical institution.

Conclusion of a neurologist at the dispensary650-800 rub.
Certificate from a psychotherapist in a specialized institution400-500 rub.
EEG study of brain activity1,000 – 2,000 rub.

With a referral at the appointed time or appointment hours, the driver must appear at the hospital for a medical examination. It is carried out by a psychiatrist and a narcologist. The person’s response is checked, questions about the person are asked, and the adequacy and mental state of the person are monitored.

A certificate certified by doctors is issued immediately after the examination is completed. They often make notes on the driver's medical record without creating a separate document. It is also possible to prepare papers using approved forms No. 086/u or 001-GS/ts.

In addition to the driver, hunters and other persons whose professional activities involve the possession of bladed weapons also need to receive a medical examination from a psychiatrist and narcologist periodically.

As a conclusion, an o is placed on the card or certificate indicating the date of the examination and is certified by the doctor’s signature.

When deciding on the issue of issuing weapons, the examination is carried out by doctors consisting of at least 3 people on a collegial basis.

They alone must jointly decide on the possibility of ownership of such means of defense for a citizen.

The law does not provide for fines for the absence of a certificate of this type, but it will not be possible to obtain a driver’s license, a permit to carry a weapon, or get a job without a medical examination.

What is this document and who issues it?

The document in question is one of the main items in the list of official papers that are necessary in order to confirm that a citizen is in a condition considered satisfactory.

This state must be indicated in the case when the recipient of the certificate intends to acquire a new status in the future, for example:

  • become a driver;
  • take a vacant position in any organization.

In this case, the purpose of conducting such examinations is to prevent potentially life-threatening situations for other people that may be associated with the inappropriate behavior of a citizen undergoing a commission. Since a mentally unstable person, or a person intoxicated with substances that cloud the mind, poses an increased danger to society, in some cases an examination by a narcologist and a psychologist becomes the only tool for protecting society from them.

Those who subsequently want to comfortably move around the city while driving a private car must see a narcologist and a psychologist in any case, since they will not be given a driver’s license without a certificate from these doctors.

In addition, in some situations, undergoing an examination by a specialist such as a psychiatrist is the only opportunity to prove a citizen’s inability to act sensibly and be accountable for his actions. Surprisingly, this may also be needed to achieve the following goals:

  • exemption from administrative liability;
  • exemption from criminal liability.

If we are talking about providing data to the traffic police, then certificates issued by a narcologist and a psychiatrist do not need to be taken in the original, since upon successful completion of an examination by these specialists, the mark will also be included in a special card filled out by all doctors whom the future person must undergo driver.

Please note: the certificate issued for the traffic police also contains information provided by other doctors, since this is the form of the document established for the subsequent transfer of data to the road service. The card is certified on behalf of the chief physician of the clinic or other medical institution where the driver was examined.

The certificates are supplemented with mandatory stamps: one is affixed directly by the attending physician, the other is affixed on behalf of the medical organization itself to which you came to receive the designated document.

About documents for reference

The validity period of certificates from a narcologist and psychiatrist is not the most important thing that every citizen should remember. First you need to prepare to receive the relevant documentation.

The package of papers required for issuing certificates in the established forms includes:

  • passport;
  • SNILS;
  • compulsory medical insurance policy;
  • statement;
  • tests for syphilis and AIDS.

Usually, when visiting a private clinic, a citizen only needs to bring with him an ID card and money. The application in the prescribed form is filled out on the spot.

Specifics of the passage

In general, a medical examination, and in particular a medical examination for a driver’s license with a narcologist and a psychiatrist, does not cause significant difficulties. With the right approach, you can pass the test in 1 day. However, there are a few important things to consider before visiting the hospital.

Commission at the place of registration

In accordance with the current law, a medical certificate from the traffic police to replace a license with a narcologist and psychiatrist in 2021 is provided only at the driver’s registration address. However, you can see other doctors at your place of temporary or permanent residence. In this matter, much depends on the region.

When visiting a drug dispensary

or a mental health institution, you need to have documents with you: passport, certificate of payment for services. Men are also advised to take their registration certificate or military ID with them. The average price of a medical certificate for a driver's license with a narcologist and a psychiatrist in 2021 ranges from 400-600 and 600-900 rubles, respectively.

Only government specialists

Attention! You can only obtain a certificate for the traffic police from a psychiatrist or psychologist at a state or municipal institution. If permission is obtained from a private doctor, it will be considered invalid.

The diagnostic procedure is largely similar for both doctors. First, a psychiatrist and a narcologist check whether the citizen is registered, then they conduct an examination. In some cases, test questionnaires or other examination methods are used. Based on the results obtained, a conclusion is drawn up, which subsequently allows you to obtain a driver’s medical certificate from a psychiatrist and narcologist.

Work days

The validity period of certificates from a narcologist and psychiatrist, as we have already said, depends on the reason for issuing the relevant documentation. The next scenario is employment.

In such a situation, the validity period of a medical certificate in the established form will be short. It will be only 6 months. Such a short duration of the document’s validity is due to the fact that during the allotted period of time a citizen can move to another place or develop certain mental disorders.

That is, the validity of a medical certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist for work is six months. If a citizen does not change his place of employment, then there is no need to additionally contact medical institutions for a document.

An exception is employment in some areas of activity - hazardous production, government. Such workers require regular medical examinations. And a psychiatrist/narcologist as well. As a rule, you have to meet with such specialists 1-2 times during the year.

Where and how can I get the document

To obtain medical reports, you must visit the drug and neuropsychiatric dispensary at the place of registration.

On a note! It is worth paying attention to the fact that a citizen has the right to undergo a medical examination in both public and private institutions with the appropriate license.

All monetary costs associated with a medical examination to obtain a driver's license are fully covered directly by the candidate driver. Payment for services is made at the cash desk or medical reception desk. institution, depending on its internal rules.

Honey. An examination by a narcologist includes the following stages:

  1. Verification of a citizen using an electronic database. This check will allow you to exclude or confirm the status of an individual on the register for alcoholism or drug addiction.
  2. Direct inspection. The doctor also has the right to refer a citizen to undergo a blood and urine test.
  3. Making a conclusion.

If a citizen does not have any problems related to narcotic substances, the doctor will indicate on the certificate.

When receiving a medical document from a psychiatrist, you will have to go through the following steps:

  1. Checking the database (to exclude the condition on the neuropsychiatric register).
  2. Visual inspection by a specialist.
  3. Receive a certificate with the appropriate mark.

If necessary, the doctor has the right to refer the citizen for additional hardware examination, which will confirm or refute the presence of mental abnormalities.

Weapons and certificates

A medical certificate from a narcologist and a psychiatrist for weapons is valid for six months. And nothing more. Usually, upon receipt of the relevant documentation, the citizen is thoroughly examined. The commission consists of at least three people. These people will make a decision as to whether a citizen can bear arms or not.

If you do not have time to present the certificate in the established form, you will have to undergo a medical examination again. Therefore, there is no need to delay obtaining a permit to store and carry weapons.

Fine for expired medical certificate

The legislation of the Russian Federation, namely the Traffic Rules approved by the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation “On Road Safety of the Russian Federation” does not provide for fines in the absence or presence of an expired medical certificate!

The absence or presence of an expired medical document will not allow a driver’s license candidate to:

  1. Take training at a driving school;
  2. Pass the exam for the right to drive a vehicle;
  3. Replace your driver's license if it has expired or has been damaged;
  4. Restore your driver's license if it was lost, stolen, etc. or the person was deprived of the right to drive a vehicle by a court decision.

Thus, from this article the reader learned the validity period of a medical document on the state of health; features of its receipt; in which organizations and healthcare institutions it can be obtained; a list of doctors who need to be visited, as well as what may interfere with obtaining a certificate.

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What are the differences between the new certificate?

This year, a new sample of a driver’s medical certificate was launched. It has a number of differences from the same document issued previously.

The differences are in the following positions:
  • lack of space for photos,
  • validity period reduced to one year,
  • Notes from doctors during the medical examination have been removed from the form, since there are quite enough of them in the medical record.
  • the new form contains a list of categories opposite which admission or non-admission to management is indicated,
  • the new sample medical certificate is protected by watermarks,
  • The new form contains a list of contraindications that must be filled out in case of health problems.

Obtaining a certificate for the driver

Today, drivers most often need to obtain certificates from the specialists in question - this document is mandatory for obtaining a certificate of the right to drive a vehicle and its renewal.

How long is a certificate from a psychiatrist and narcologist valid for drivers? The law establishes a general period of legal force of 1 year. Such a document is issued on a special form in form 003/В-у.

In the event that a certificate from a psychiatrist is required to obtain a driving license of categories C and D, then the interested person will additionally need an electroencephalography (EEG) procedure. Otherwise, the admission process is standard.

During the examination by a narcologist, in addition to a standard examination and blood sampling, the doctor may require urine and stool tests. It should be noted that in practice such requirements are put forward only in cases where the doctor has some suspicions about the presence of prohibited components in the blood.

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