Do I need to register a new engine with the traffic police?

General information and legislative regulation of the issue

PTS is an official document that contains all the important information about the car. In addition, the technical equipment passport confirms ownership of the vehicle. All legal and registration activities and transactions with the car are carried out exclusively with a title; without this document it is impossible to sell, donate or transfer the right to drive the car.

If a passport is lost, the car owner is obliged to take all measures to restore it. This requirement is regulated by the following legislative norms:

  1. Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 496 of June 23, 2005 “On approval of the Regulations on vehicle passports and vehicle chassis passports.”
  2. Resolution No. 938 of August 12, 1994 “On state registration of motor vehicles and other types of self-propelled equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.”
  3. Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 605 of 08/07/2013 “On approval of the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the provision of state services for the registration of motor vehicles and trailers for them.”

Important: PTS not only confirms the legality of purchasing a car. Only with the help of this document can the vehicle be identified. Therefore, if your passport is lost or stolen, it must be restored as soon as possible.

What to do if you lose your PTS

Each of us can lose an important document. Unfortunately, no one is immune from this. The main thing in this situation is not to panic and react to the current circumstances in a timely manner.

The first thing you need to do if you lose your title is to contact the MREO department where the car was registered. This action will protect the car owner from fraudulent activities by criminals. The fact is that if a passport falls into the wrong hands, it can be used for other purposes. It is not uncommon for stolen car documents to be used for counterfeit import of spare parts.

It is better to come to the traffic police department in a car whose title has been lost. This need is due to the fact that department employees can initiate the procedure for reconciling license plates on the spot.

At the MREO office, the car owner will need to write a statement in the established form, which indicates the STS data and information about the owner of the car. In addition, the owner must write an explanatory note in which he describes in detail the circumstances of the loss of the document. When replacing the PTS, the STS also changes.

A car passport does not belong to the category of documents that must always be carried with you. This document is needed only during legal actions in relation to the car.

After the car and the driver’s documents are checked, the owner of the vehicle is issued a duplicate passport, which has full legal force. In most cases, it is possible to restore the title to a car if it is lost in 1-7 days. However, if traffic police officers need to conduct a more thorough check of documents, the process may take 30 days.

Until a duplicate passport is issued, traffic police officers issue a resolution declaring the lost document invalid. This means that after the owner of the vehicle submits an application to the appropriate authority, he does not need to fear fraudulent activities.

Important: if the original passport of the vehicle is found after contacting the traffic police department, it can no longer be used - this document is invalid.

How to replace the engine with a similar one

It may be necessary to replace the mechanism if the originally installed unit turned out to be unsuitable for repair or if the car owner wants a more powerful vehicle.

The year 2011 was marked for car enthusiasts by the fact that the engine was classified as one of the spare parts, and information about license plate data was excluded from the mandatory requirements when going through the car registration procedure.

There are two types of engine replacement situations:

But there are also situations when the unit is wanted or removed from a car that was stolen .

To avoid such circumstances:

The engine change scheme is regulated by the “Basic provisions for the approval of a vehicle for operation.”

The shift must be registered with the traffic police. The law prohibits the operation of a vehicle without registration. Every change that qualifies as an intervention in the design must be entered into the PTS.

After the request, traffic police officers will make adjustments to the PTS regarding the change of engine numbers. Then a check will be made to see if the engine data is on the wanted list, and the data will be entered into the database.

Unique engine numbering is not allowed:

For violation of this norm, a fine of 80 thousand rubles will be imposed. These numbers must be entered into the passport of the vehicle.

Attention! It is also required to notify the insurance company about the change in engine numbering. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting into trouble with payments in case of a possible insured event.

In the situation of changing the engine to a similar one, there is no change in the car’s registration certificate . Since the engine quite possibly came from a stolen vehicle, then the driver can get into a lot of trouble with the police. To avoid this, you need to pass a test at the traffic police, using the engine number, the police will check it against the database of the stolen vehicle.

What documents are needed to restore the title?

If the car owner needs to restore the title as soon as possible, it is worth preparing a package of documents in advance.

You must provide the following to the traffic police department:

  1. Citizen's passport.
  2. Documents confirming ownership of the car.
  3. Vehicle registration certificate.
  4. OSAGO policy.
  5. Receipt for payment of state duty.
  6. Application for the need to restore the vehicle title (to be filled out at the traffic police department).
  7. Explanatory.

If the car owner has lost his PTS along with his personal passport, he first needs to start restoring the documents that confirm his identity. To do this, you need to contact the passport office at your place of registration.

Special attention should be paid to documents confirming ownership. The main document is the purchase and sale agreement. However, not all citizens become car owners on the basis of this agreement. Many people are interested in the question of how to restore a lost title if the driver is driving the vehicle by proxy.

If a person uses a car on the basis of a general power of attorney, he has the right to personally (without the presence of the real owner) apply to the traffic police department. If the power of attorney was issued only for the right to drive a vehicle, it is impossible to restore a lost passport yourself. In this situation, the car owner will have to be involved in the process.

The MTPL policy is not one of the mandatory documents. However, its absence can significantly increase the period for issuing a duplicate PTS.

The explanatory note that the car owner fills out at the traffic police department must contain information about the reasons for the lack of a passport. You should not indicate theft as a reason (even if you are absolutely sure that the document was stolen). If the fact of theft is mentioned in the explanatory note, the department’s employees will be forced to open a criminal case regarding the offense. This means that a duplicate PTS will be issued to the owner only after the end of the criminal proceedings.

Many citizens try to be proactive and bring unnecessary documents to traffic police officers in the hope that this will help speed up the process of issuing a duplicate. In fact, unnecessary documents only increase the time needed to verify information.

How to install an engine of a different model

Unit changes in 2021 will be registered differently. Replacing the engine with another will entail adjustments to other spare parts, which, according to the law, brings a change in the level of vehicle safety.

It will be impossible to register an engine without documents in such a situation. You will need to submit a large list of papers to the traffic police department. After replacement, the amount of transport tax may also change.

To make changes to the design of the car you will need:

Procedure for registering a car with a different engine

There is no need to change the car registration documentation , since the engine numbering is not recorded there now.

To legitimize the changes you need to assemble the following package:

In a situation where the spare part numbers do not match the information in the vehicle passport, or the number cannot be read, registration of a vehicle with a different engine will not be possible.

In this case, it is necessary to require the inspector to formalize the refusal to register the vehicle in writing and submit a paper with a complaint to the management of the traffic police or to the court. A document with a complaint is submitted under all points of the law of the Russian Federation. If the installed motor is determined to be stolen, the charges will be dropped by the court. If the engine is imported from another country, the traffic police has the right to require a customs declaration to confirm the legality of the presence of the spare part in Russia.

Methods for restoring PTS

There are three ways to recover an important document:

Contact the traffic police.

Through the State Services portal.

Through MFC.

It should be noted that regardless of the method of application, the car owner will in any case need to report to the traffic police department.

Many car owners are interested in the question of how much it costs to restore a title. There are no penalties for the loss of this document. The only financial cost for the car owner is paying the state duty. As of 2020, the state duty for issuing a duplicate is 800 rubles. (ground: clause 36, part 1, article 333.33 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

You can see a sample of a duplicate PTS in this image:

Contacting the traffic police

The first thing the car owner needs to do is collect the above package of documents.

The title can only be restored at the traffic police department that registered the vehicle. If this happened in another city or region, the car owner will have to spend time getting to the destination.

After the documents, along with the application and explanatory note, are handed over to the department employee, the driver needs to prepare the car for inspection. Without having a car, it is impossible to get a duplicate PTS!

Important: after the inspection, the traffic police officer must mark the inspection and endorse this fact with a personal signature.

If the check of the car and documents was successful, the car owner can receive a duplicate PTS on the day of application.

Despite the fact that the original and duplicate PTS have equal legal force, in practice it is much more difficult to sell a car with a duplicate. Many buyers perceive it as an attempt to commit illegal actions. In order to avoid unnecessary questions that will definitely be asked during a transaction for the purchase and sale of a car, it is necessary to confirm the issuance of a duplicate PTS with the real circumstances of the case. To do this, you need to write an application for a duplicate in two copies. The copy that remains with the car owner must be stamped with an acceptance stamp.

The biggest problems are caused by cars that were transferred by proxy. The most common reason for the impossibility of issuing a duplicate PTS is the death of the real owner of the car. In such a situation, the person for whom the power of attorney was issued needs to find heirs and resolve all the legal subtleties of the inheritance procedure. And if such a car does not have compulsory motor liability insurance, it is almost impossible to restore lost documents.

Registration period

When planning any action, especially one related to government agencies, it always seems that it will take a lot of time. When planning to register an engine change with the traffic police in 2021, you need to take into account the following deadlines.

If a replacement occurs with a similar engine, then registration with the traffic police is reduced to entering the corresponding mark in the vehicle passport. This action will only take a few hours and depends only on the size of the queue.

Registration of modernization associated with the installation of a different type of motor will take much longer. You will have to come to the MREO traffic police department itself twice: to fill out an application and to submit a package of documents collected after making the proposed changes to the vehicle. You will also have to allocate time to conduct a technical inspection and obtain a diagnostic card. After submitting documents to the inspector, the procedure for checking them can take up to several hours, but, as a rule, the owner of the car receives a title with the marks and changes made on the day the documents are submitted.

You can save your time in both cases. To do this, you need to sign up for this procedure on the public services portal. In this case, the car owner will not have to stand in line, he will only need to arrive at the appointed time.

How to restore a document through State Services

Citizens who have a confirmed account on the state portal of State Services can fill out the appropriate application online. Scanned copies of available documents are attached to the application.

The electronically signed application is automatically forwarded to the required traffic police department. A duplicate PTS is prepared without the presence of the car owner. The applicant will be informed about the time of receipt of the car passport by email.

The State Services website suggests checking the MTPL policy in advance. If the STS is specified as the main document in the policy, after replacing the documents, the car owner will have to contact the insurance company. Due to the fact that a new vehicle registration certificate is issued along with a duplicate PTS, an insurance company employee must enter a new STS number into the MTPL policy.

If the policy specifies the PTS as the main document, there is no need to contact the insurance company. The passport number will not change, which means there is no need to make adjustments to the data in the MTPL.

Registration of a car with a different engine

Often, when the owner’s requirements for a car do not meet the characteristics of the engine, he changes it.
This procedure itself requires a lot of labor. Before installing a new engine, it is necessary to make a lot of alterations in the vehicle, as well as register a lot of papers in connection with these manipulations. The reason for changing a spare part may also be a problem with the vehicle’s engine. How to register an engine without documents? How to register a car with a different engine? This article will tell you.

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is unique.

How to restore via MFC

There are two ways to submit documents to the MFC:

  1. Make an appointment with a center employee.
  2. First come, first served basis.

The car owner must prepare a package of documents in advance. The documents are handed over to the MFC employee. During the visit to the multifunctional center, an application for the issuance of a duplicate PTS is also filled out and an explanatory note is written about the circumstances of its loss.

A visit to the MFC does not exempt the applicant from communicating with traffic police officers. Driver, If there is a general power of attorney, but its validity has already expired, the applicant will also be denied a duplicate. In both cases, the real owner of the car must write an application. Those who wish to receive a duplicate passport must come to the MREO on the appointed day and present the car for inspection.

The only advantage of this method is that the car owner can make an appointment with a state traffic inspector. The further procedure for restoring the PTS follows the standard procedure.

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