How to add a driver to compulsory motor liability insurance and how much does it cost?

Is it possible to sign up for an OSAGO policy online?

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A compulsory MTPL insurance policy can be issued not only for the owner of the car, but also for all persons who will be allowed to drive the vehicle. You can enter either a specific person or get unlimited access, but the cost of insurance will vary significantly. If you need to add an additional driver to your insurance, and you want to do it quickly, then today most services can be obtained using online access. Accordingly, the question arises: is it possible to make changes to the compulsory insurance policy, and to what extent is this function available online?

Why do you need to include other people in your insurance?

The desired rule, which states that the person you trust to drive your own “iron horse” must be included in your insurance policy, appeared relatively recently. Previously, the transfer of a car for use had to be accompanied by the execution of a notarized power of attorney, which stated that the owner of the car allows such and such a citizen to drive his car freely.

However, the required travel arrangements were abolished. Now, in order to legally drive the car of parents, children, friends, and so on, you need to fulfill only two conditions:

  • take out an MTPL insurance policy;
  • include in the documents the person you plan to entrust the car to.

By the way, it will not be possible to indicate anyone on the required paper. Drivers potentially taking over control of the car from you are subject to a minimum list of requirements:

  • having a driver's license;
  • coming of age.

As for the degree of intimacy between the owner of the machine and its third-party user, there are no restrictions. The second driver can be:

  • children;
  • parents;
  • grandchildren;
  • grandparents;
  • friends and the like.

However, there are no legal restrictions regarding adding a complete stranger to your insurance; however, you yourself are unlikely to do this, since if there is a name on the insurance policy, a person can freely use your car, and even leave the city in it.

To a greater extent, it is the relatives who are puzzled by the procedure for adding an additional person to the insurance. For example, a grandfather wants to give his old car to his grandson, however, he doubts his complete prudence. As a result, it takes out insurance and adds the offspring to it, still retaining its status as the owner of the car.

How to add a driver when contacting the insurance company

As you understand, a driver can be included in the insurance policy only by the manager of the insurance company after your personal request. You cannot do this yourself online through the official website or the RSA database. You do not have to contact the exact office where you initially took out insurance; a similar action can be carried out in any branch convenient for you. You will be required to provide an additional package of documents and take a valid insurance policy.

Only the policyholder (regardless of whether he is the owner or not), that is, the person for whom the insurance was issued, can contact the insurance company in order to register a new person to drive the car.

The same applies to new drivers: a person can be included in the policy only with his consent, and accordingly his documents must be submitted. And some companies may require his personal presence. Be aware that adding a new driver can have a significant impact on the cost of insurance you'll need to pay, so ask your agent for an estimate before making changes. And if you want to include several people at once, for example, the whole family will use the policy, then it is better to select the “Unlimited number of persons” option, rather than adding each participant separately. It will be faster and more profitable.

How to add a driver to the policy?

Under no circumstances should you do this on your own. The policy form will be declared invalid, and you will not be able to do this, since when applying for insurance, a dash is placed in the empty lines of the table of registered drivers.

In order to include the driver in the insurance, in 2021 you will have to visit the office of the insurance company. This must be done by the policyholder (the one who is indicated in the corresponding column of the MTPL policy and who insured the car, not to be confused with the owner - these can be different persons) together with the person being added (second, third, and so on).

The first one needs to have a passport with him, the second one needs a driver’s license.

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How to add another driver to your insurance?

The policyholder must personally visit the company's office along with the driver's license of the second driver and insurance. If it is not possible for the owner of the car to come to the organization, you can draw up a power of attorney and have it certified by a notary.

In addition, there are a number of insurance companies that do not require the presence of the first insured. This indicates that the organization has a bad reputation, since in such a situation any fraudster can take advantage of the situation and drive someone else’s car.

You will not be required to fill out the application yourself. This is done by the manager himself; at the end he will ask you to put a personal signature and check whether everything entered is correct.

You cannot fill out the application yourself without the knowledge of the insurance company. The procedure for entering into the policy is not so complicated and will not take much time from the driver. And if you manage to fool the inspector, then in the event of an accident the insurance company will not provide financial compensation.

How is the procedure for making changes to the insurance policy carried out?

Insurance company employees give you a form to fill out: you need to fill out all the fields correctly and accurately, as for the new driver. Relevant copies of documents are attached to the form.

Based on the application of the vehicle owner, an additional agreement to the current insurance policy is drawn up. After the additional agreement has been printed, you need to carefully check all the data, especially the full name, driver’s license number and the driver’s date of birth, which was just written down. Any mistakes may lead to unpleasant situations in the future both with traffic police officers and with the insurance company.

For such services, the insurance company may require a financial reward: depending on the driver’s driving experience, which will be specified in the additional agreement (the more driving experience, the cheaper this procedure will cost).

OSAGO is a protection and guarantee of the safety of the car owner, so you need to include someone in the policy very carefully ; it is best to consult in advance with the employees of the insurance company where the client is served. If a permanent insurance company offers unfavorable conditions in a particular case, you can always compare similar offers on the insurance market, since the choice of offers is quite huge.

Procedure for entering data

The process of entering information about an additional driver takes place directly at the office of the insurance company that issued the current insurance policy. The completed application by the vehicle owner is subject to verification by company employees. When the application is reviewed and a positive decision is made, the following documents are issued:

  1. An insurance document that contains new information added.
  2. A document confirming payment of the cost for entering new data.
  3. A reminder for drivers about the civil liability insurance procedure.
  4. Bank, which is filled out in case of involvement in an accident (two copies).

Attention! The procedure does not involve payment for the services of insurance company employees. Requirements to pay for the actions of the insurance company can be regarded as grounds for contacting supervisory services with a complaint.

What documents do you need to take with you?

Of course, before coming to the insurer’s office, you need to prepare and collect a package of documents that you need to take with you. However, this process will not take much of your time, since the insurance company requires information from:

  • your previously issued insurance policy;
  • passport belonging to the owner of the car;
  • driver's license of the person included in the policy;
  • data from the main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation belonging to the new driver (passport).

In addition, it is most likely that when you visit the office, you will be asked to complete an application for the requested change. In it you will need to express your desire to make changes to the MTPL insurance policy.

Required documents

Even if you contact the insurance company office to have a new driver included in your insurance, you will need to have a certain set of documents with you. What will they ask of you?

  • passport;
  • a valid MTPL policy;
  • new driver's driver's license;
  • notarized power of attorney, if it is not the policyholder, but an authorized person who will contact the insurance company.

In most cases, this package is comprehensive, but it is best to call the service company in advance and ask a similar question. An application in the prescribed form must be attached to these papers. The application comes in the form of a written notification about the need to enter data about the new driver. A sample and application form can be found on the company’s website, but it is most convenient to do this at the branch, with the help of the manager’s prompts. When the registration process is completed, you will be given a new insurance form, with changed data - a new driver. All that remains is to make an additional payment if necessary.

How to save money when adding a driver to your insurance policy

Insurance companies provide their clients with flexible discount systems, and a certificate of break-even driving of a vehicle also plays an important role when applying for a service (such a certificate is issued by the insurance company where the driver is served). if the client is a regular of a particular insurance company, then, of course, only having an insurance policy will be enough (insurance agents will find the rest of the data in the company’s databases).

If the driver who is included in the insurance policy is a client of another insurance company and there are no supporting documents about his accident-free driving, then the insurance company may refuse the discount (the right to receive it is automatically lost).

The size of the discount for the client is calculated according to the accident-free experience (the driver’s class is determined).

  • 1 year of driving without accidents – 4th class – 5% discount.
  • 2 years of driving without accidents – 5th class – 10% discount.
  • 3 years of accident-free driving – 6th grade – 15% discount.
  • 4 years of accident-free driving – 7th grade – 20% discount.
  • 5 years of accident-free driving – 8th grade – 25% discount, etc.

Registering a driver with MTPL is a responsible procedure and requires not only money, but also attention to calculations and registration. By adding another driver to your insurance policy, legal and financial responsibility is automatically shared, and if an accident occurs, the person responsible should actually be held accountable for the incident.

The cost of registering a driver with no experience in the MTPL

To understand this issue, you must first define driving experience. We are talking about the time that has passed since obtaining a driver's license. Moreover, the duration of actual driving is not taken into account. For example, if a person received his license 3 years ago and has never driven a car since then, his driving experience will still be 3 years.

It should be understood that this calculation rule applies only to length of service. To determine the accident-free driving rate, the starting point is not the date of obtaining the license, but the day when the driver’s entry appeared in the MTPL agreement.

According to the new rules, the cost of an insurance policy depends on the age of the novice driver. During the calculation, the base rate is multiplied by a coefficient varying between 1.6-1.87. Thus, the largest amount will have to be paid for a driver aged 22, and the smallest for those over 59 years old.

Let's look at how much it costs to sign up for insurance using a specific example. Let's say the driver lives in a region with a coefficient of 1.2. The citizen’s age is 19 years, and the car’s engine power is more than 150 hp. In this case, the age coefficient is 1.87, and the power coefficient is 1.6. Knowing the size of the base rate set by the insurer, it will not be difficult to determine the final cost. To do this, you need to multiply all the coefficients. For example, if the base rate is 3 thousand rubles, then the total amount will be 10,771.2 rubles. By adding this driver to the insurance policy, the car owner will have to pay the difference that arises in comparison with the initial cost of compulsory motor liability insurance.

What determines the cost of making additional payments? driver

All insurance companies must have the same cost. How much it will cost to add a person to your MTPL policy depends on:

driving experience (less/more than 3 years);

age (under 22 years old/over 22 years old);

individual accident rate (other names: KBM, “Bonus-malus”).

Based on driver data, a coefficient is calculated from 1 (over 22 years old, driving for 3 years, accident-free driving for 5 years) to 1.8 (under 22 years old, with less than 3 years of experience). It is the coefficient that determines the cost of signing up for compulsory motor liability insurance. The discount for accident-free driving is checked against the general database of insurance companies. The company is not obliged to provide it, but is interested in this - otherwise you will buy insurance from another insurer, so when purchasing a policy you are usually given a maximum discount.

Cost of adding an additional user to the policy

To add a driver whose age is under twenty-two years old and whose driving experience is no more than three years, you will need to pay an additional fee, in some cases quite significant.

It is completely normal that the insurer is not interested in large amounts of compensation and is trying to protect itself in advance. A small number of years lived and little experience are indicators for which you will need to pay extra. However, this payment to the insurer will only be due until the end of the policy.

As we have already learned, the number of vehicle users that can be added is unlimited. However, with the addition of a large number of people, the likelihood that there will be a driver with little experience driving a vehicle on this list also increases, which automatically deprives the discount for accident-free driving.

Service cost

What is the cost of adding a missing driving record to a policy? If his age is more than twenty-two years, but his driving experience is less than three years, then registering this driver will cost about seventy percent of the entire insurance price.

If the driver has more than three years of experience driving a vehicle, but is under twenty-two years of age, then the cost of the surcharge will be about sixty percent of the price tag for the policy. The most “luxury” version of the policy - adding a young and inexperienced driver will cost about eighty percent of the price tag for the policy.

How to calculate the cost of the surcharge yourself

Before adding another user to your insurance, we recommend finding out how much this procedure will cost you.

To do this, you will need a calculator and knowledge of the coefficients that affect the pricing of the policy:

  • the user is young, has little experience in driving a vehicle - multiply the policy amount by 0.8;
  • the user’s age has reached twenty-two years, the experience of driving a vehicle is less than three years - we multiply the policy amount by 0.7;
  • the user's age is less than twenty-two years, experience in driving a vehicle is more than three years - multiply by 0.6;
  • the user is an adult, has sufficient experience - no additional payment may be required;
  • the user has reached twenty-two years of age and has experience driving a vehicle without accidents - you can expect a discount, it depends on the number of years during which the driver has not been involved in an accident. For each year a five percent discount is given, and the maximum amount of the final discount is 50 percent.

Let's try to calculate visually: insurance costs three thousand rubles, the driver's indicator is 0.6, therefore, 3000 * 0.6 = 1800 rubles. If the driver has not been involved in any traffic accidents, a ten percent discount can be applied (however, the policy holder must also have a discount, the amount of which is not less than the one presented).

If you privately calculate how much you will ultimately need to pay extra, you will be sure that nothing extra will be imposed on you in the office.

How many people can be included in the policy?

According to the law on compulsory motor liability insurance, an unlimited number of drivers can be included in the insurance, despite the fact that on the front side of the policy there are only 5 points in the section “Drivers admitted to driving”.

If you are going to take out unlimited insurance, there will be a dash in the lines indicating additional drivers without a single entry.

How many drivers can I sign up for free?

The procedure for adding a new person to OSAGO is free. Moreover, the number of people entered is not limited. Even though there is a limited number of fields in the policy for drivers, the legislation does not impose limits on the number of persons allowed to drive. If the insurance company complains that they have nowhere to add a person to the insurance, that’s their problem (in practice, they write it on the back of the policy).

How to get a discount

Since the discount helps save money on a compulsory motor liability insurance policy, every car enthusiast is interested in receiving it. However, you cannot increase it yourself, or even more so, buy it. The bonus is awarded only to careful motorists who follow traffic rules and are not the culprits of the accident. Every year, such citizens receive a 5% bonus from the state. To receive the maximum bonus of 50%, you must drive your iron friend for 11 years without an accident.

In conclusion, it can be noted that every traffic participant who wants to drive must be insured. You can make changes to a previously purchased MTPL through the office, or independently. It is important to understand that the insurance company has the right to request additional payment. Its size is determined by the current tariff guidelines.

Car insurance cost

The final cost of entering driver data into insurance is determined by several parameters. In the 2021 innovations, the base rate was changed. We are talking about the initial amount, which is taken as the basis for calculations. Each insurance company has its own base rate within the price corridor established by the Central Bank. Let's look at the cost ranges for different vehicles:

  1. Motorcycle technology. The base rate for vehicles belonging to categories A and M is 700-1400 rubles.
  2. For passenger cars, prices vary between 2750-4950 rubles.
  3. Trucks up to 16 tons – 2800-5050, and over – 4230-7600 rubles.
  4. If a passenger car belongs to a legal entity, then the cost is in the range of 2050-2900 rubles. The base rate for vehicles used as a taxi is 4100-7400 rubles.

In addition, the innovations have changed the CBM coefficients, namely, the cost of document processing.

The cost of registration of compulsory motor liability insurance consists of the following details:

  • base rate;
  • age-experience coefficient;
  • territorial coefficient;
  • Power factor;
  • restricted use factor;
  • coefficient of the number of violations.

Due to changes in the calculation procedure, the final cost of insurance has also changed. In accordance with Article 15 of Federal Law No. 40, the car owner may be required to pay the missing amount when registering new drivers.

How to calculate the price of driver registration?

So, we already know how much our OSAGO policy costs. This cost is made up of the base rate and odds. Important! Your insurance is calculated based on each driver's worst-case odds (even if they are different).

For example, if 2 people are included in the insurance: aged 25 years and 35 years and with experience of 7 years and 1 year, respectively, then the calculation will be based on the minimum age and minimum experience. However, age and experience are actually one factor; both parameters work in pairs. How exactly, we will clarify below!

We need to understand what parameters are being added to MTPL. If all of his coefficients are higher or equal to the coefficients of already added people, then adding such a driver to the insurance will be absolutely free. Also, the price is not affected by the period for which you sign up a person - be it for a month or for the whole year.

Let's look at how the price of insurance is affected by the included driver, depending on each of the 2 coefficients we need!

Age and experience of the new driver

There are 56 values ​​for this parameter after recent changes.

As you can see, the younger the added driver and the less experience he has, the more expensive it will be for us to add him. For beginners without experience, as a rule, it turns out to be very expensive to add (sometimes almost 2 times more expensive than the original cost of insurance).

It is important to know that the cost of adding will not depend on the insurer - it will be the same in different insurance companies, be it Rosgosstrakh, Reso, SOGAZ, VSK, Alfastrakhovanie, Ingosstrakh or another - even a little-known company. There is a basic rate for everyone, period.

But let's look at examples!

Example No. 2: we enter a newcomer without experience

Given : 1 person is included in the current policy: his age is 26 years, and his length of service is 5 years (coefficient 1). The initial price of insurance is 6,000 rubles.

Required : include a young novice driver aged 18 years and zero experience in the insurance.

How much will it cost : a coefficient of 1.87 will be applied to the second person - the highest. Therefore, it will be expensive to include it. But it would be a misconception to expect that it is exactly 87% more expensive. The fact is that the calculation is cumulative - the coefficients are applied to the base rate one by one. First territorial, then KBM, then age and length of service, and then the rest. That is, the calculation is not rigid.

In our case, the cost of such a policy with a newly registered novice driver without experience will cost about 3500-4500 rubles. But this is not the biggest price, because KBM is applied before age and length of service, so it has a greater influence on the final calculation. With a different initial insurance price and the same coefficients indicated by us, you can calculate the cost as a percentage.

Example No. 1: we enter a driver with experience

Given : 2 people are included in the current insurance: 21 years old and 1 year of experience, 25 years of age and 3 years of experience. The cost of the policy was initially 6,000 rubles (the maximum coefficient of 1.8 was applied).

Required : add a driver with 15 years of experience and 30 years of age to the MTPL insurance.

How much will it cost : free (with the same or better KBM), since the new person being entered is with experience, a coefficient of 1 will be applied to him, and the policy will be calculated according to the worst driver - that is, a 21-year-old with 1 year of experience.

Driver accident-free

As we have already noted, the bonus-malus coefficient has a much greater impact on the cost of enrolling a person in auto insurance. Thus, a driver with the maximum KBM rate may cost you 2(!) times more than the original price of OSAGO. It's creepy, but it's a fact!

The fact is that the range of bonus-malus bets is from 0.5 to 2.45. You can read more about the rates and how much the policy becomes more expensive after an accident where you are at fault in a special article about increasing the CBM. You can also check your KBM and the registered driver according to our instructions. KBM is also included in the policy when it is sold (similar to age and length of service, the worst coefficient is taken into account).

Example No. 1: we enter the worst culprit of the accident

And we will start with the most disgusting example with the maximum price for adding a driver.

Given : the initial cost of the policy is 2800 rubles - everything is at the minimum: registered with experience with a low-power car and a minimum KBM of 0.5.

How to calculate the cost of a policy using a calculator

  1. Specify the type of vehicle, for example, “passenger cars.”
  2. The calculator will ask you to fill in information about the characteristics of the car, owner, owner and drivers. The data is used to correctly calculate the base rate and adjustment factors, so it is important to fill out accurate information.
  3. After filling out the form, the calculator will offer online cost estimates from several insurance companies. You can select the appropriate option and complete the registration of compulsory motor liability insurance by clicking on the appropriate link.

What happens if you don’t take out insurance according to all the rules?

Every resident of our country knows about a certain folk phenomenon that is almost magical in nature - the Russian “maybe”. This is what hundreds of drivers are guided by when entrusting their car to a friend, child, parent, etc. Yes, it is at this moment that he thinks “maybe it will blow through”!

However, as practice shows, mere hope for a successful outcome is not enough for it to actually turn out to be such. Typically, drivers who are not included in the insurance of the car owner find themselves in various kinds of troubles. These are the consequences that await them in each of them.

Consequence #1. In a sense, the easiest and safest consequence for illegally driving a car is a fine of 500 Russian rubles. It is this amount that punishes the laziness and greed of a car owner who did not want to take out insurance for his loved one according to all the rules.

It should also be mentioned that the fine itself, of course, is small, however, the very mention of your mistake will be stored in the databases of the traffic police and the insurance company, which ultimately may negatively affect other processes ongoing in your life.

Consequence No. 2. If a driver who is not registered in the policy while driving your car gets into a traffic accident, the consequences will be much more serious. The insurance company servicing your car will refuse to cover damage caused to vehicles, which means that the unlucky driver will have to cover all the costs out of his own pocket.

The required amount may be so impressive that you will not be glad that you initially did not pay additional funds for making changes to the policy

Is it possible to add a second driver to the document without his presence?

The modern pace of life imposes corresponding obligations on citizens. Unfortunately, if it is necessary to urgently renew an insurance policy for a car, and the second driver is busy, many citizens think that the procedure will have to be postponed, because both managers of the “iron horse” must participate in it.

However, in reality this is a simple misconception. By law, you have every right to amend your policy by adding a driving permit for another driver, without the presence of that person.

You can add another driver to your insurance yourself

If you issue an electronic policy, in fact, you yourself can be anywhere, since in this case you only need:

  • information from the documents listed in the sections above;
  • making an additional payment for driving insurance for the second driver.

In the case of receiving a paper original document, the presence of only one person is required - the direct owner of the car, regarding whose insurance the changes are made. You will also need to take with you the documents of the person who will become the second driver of the car you are looking for.

The opposite situations can also occur, when the owner of the car does not have time, but his friend, on the contrary, has it. In this case, you need to do the following:

  • issue a power of attorney in the name of the second driver, implying the performance of certain actions on behalf of the car owner (for example, signing papers, etc.);
  • notarize the required document;
  • send the second driver to deal with the task alone.

The option with a power of attorney is very convenient, however, its execution takes approximately the same amount of time as adding new nuances to the policy, therefore, from a strategic point of view, unless in the future you are going to entrust similar things to your friend or family member, it is easier to go straight away to the insurance company.

Is it necessary to have a driver present when adding him to the insurance policy?

As mentioned above, the presence of a driver is not necessary. All documents are submitted by the policyholder upon personal appearance at the company’s office. If for some reason he cannot do this, then a power of attorney will be required. The document is drawn up in writing with mandatory notarization.

The power of attorney identifies the attorney and lists the functions that he has the right to perform. The standard validity period of a power of attorney is one year. If necessary, it can be extended to three years by indicating this in the text of the document.

Alternative options

There is an alternative insurance option in which there is no need to enroll a new driver. Anyone can use it to legally drive a vehicle. This is the so-called MTPL policy that is unlimited in scope of persons.

Such a policy usually costs twice as much as usual and you will have to pay an average of at least 15 thousand rubles for it. However, such a policy will eliminate the need to spend time each time adding a new driver or, if there is a frequent need to transfer control to different persons for a short period of time.

When applying for such a policy, you need to be attentive to the form. The differences between a policy with a limited number of insured persons and an unlimited number of insured persons are small but significant.

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