How much does OSAGO cost for a novice driver || How much does car insurance cost without experience?

According to the traffic police, about 60 million vehicles are registered in the Russian Federation, or 2 cars for every 5 people. This fleet is managed by drivers of various categories - from drivers with many years of experience behind the wheel, to beginners who just passed their driving test yesterday. The likelihood of getting into an accident and, consequently, the costs of insurers for paying compensation largely depend on your driving experience. Therefore, the price of car insurance for beginners is always higher than for experienced drivers. Let's take a closer look at how much insurance will cost for a novice driver and what the calculation criteria are.

What determines the cost of insurance?

The OSAGO policy is a compulsory type of motor third party liability insurance. Since the point of insurance is to compensate for losses to third parties injured in an accident due to your fault, when calculating the cost and assessing risks, not one or two, but a whole series of dependent factors are taken into account. The basic price of compulsory motor liability insurance is fixed by the Central Bank, and then it is adjusted taking into account the individual characteristics of each driver and car in the aggregate. What factors influence insurance and its cost?

  1. Who is the policyholder - a legal entity or an individual.
  2. Region of registration.
  3. Vehicle type.
  4. Engine power.
  5. Make, year of production of the car.
  6. Driver's experience and age.
  7. Who can drive a car - a limited number of participants or an unlimited number.

Each of the proposed criteria for assessing the cost of compulsory motor liability insurance is assigned its own coefficient, which increases or decreases the base insurance rate established by the Central Bank.

As of 2021, the maximum insurance policy for passenger cars is 4,942 rubles, for taxis – 7,399, and for trucks – 7,609 rubles. The maximum cost of compulsory motor liability insurance is adjusted not only by the above factors - experience, age, how old the car is, etc., but also by what the driver’s experience was in the past. For accident-free driving over the past year, you receive a reduction in the cost of compulsory motor liability insurance. All information on each driver, his experience and driving quality is recorded in the common database of RSA (Russian Union of Auto Insurers).

What is unlimited MTPL insurance?

MTPL insurance without restrictions is a contractual relationship, formalized in writing, between an insurance company (in the contract - the insurer) and an individual (in the contract - the policyholder), which does not stipulate the number of people who have the right to drive a vehicle.

As the owner of such an insurance policy, the car owner has the right to include in the document an unlimited number of citizens who can drive his car.

This type of insurance policy is usually issued by companies that have their own taxi fleet and involve hiring drivers to drive a car or are engaged in renting out vehicles.

Important! Even if another driver was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, ownership remains with the owner of the vehicle.

Policy price for a driver without experience

The main difference when calculating the cost of an MTPL policy for a novice driver whose experience is up to one year or up to three years is expressed in the increased value of the FAC coefficient. KVS is a coefficient of age and driving experience, which is one of the elements of the formula for calculating the price of compulsory motor liability insurance. So what value applies for inexperienced drivers?

  • 1.8 – for drivers whose experience is less than 3 years and age under 22 years;
  • 1.7 – if the driver’s age is older than 22 years, but the experience remains less than 3 years;
  • 1 – if the experience is more than three years and the age is more than 22 years.

Accordingly, for the first two categories of citizens, issuing compulsory motor liability insurance is extremely expensive, since the policy costs 80% or 70% more for them than for drivers whose coefficient is at the level of one. The same applies to the situation if you have a valid MTPL agreement and you want to add an additional person with little experience and under 22 years of age to it. That is, even if you are a car owner with many years of experience, but your policy includes a novice driver, the insurance will still be calculated with maximum coefficient values, since it must take into account the risk of an insured event if a young, inexperienced driver is driving. Therefore, sometimes it is better to take out a policy with unlimited access to control the car.

CT-territory coefficient

The readings of this component directly depend on the city in which the owner of the car is registered. The size of the CT can vary quite significantly, and that is why special attention should be paid to it. Let's consider an example: if a driver lives, say, in Ryazan, then for him, the calculation will be calculated with a CT indicator, which is equal to 1.4, but for that car enthusiast who lives in a small village located near a city, the CT coefficient will be already equal to 0.9. What conclusions can be drawn? A driver who lives in a village can save much more on an MTPL policy compared to a driver who lives in Ryazan. For a better understanding, it is worth giving another example: for a driver from Moscow, the size of the CT coefficient is 2, and for car owners from Buryatia, it does not exceed 0.6. The difference between such coefficients is quite large and reaches approximately 333%, which, if converted into national currency, reaches almost 10 thousand rubles. or even more. But you shouldn’t leave your city and move to another in order to somehow reduce the price of compulsory motor insurance. There are other options that will help you do this. The first of them is to register your car to a relative or close friend who lives in a city where the CT coefficient is lower. Many may think that yes, this option is really just ideal, because thanks to it you can save a lot on your MTPL policy.

But this method also has its drawbacks, which simply cannot be ignored:
  1. A relative or friend to whom the car will be re-registered may, over time, turn out to be unscrupulous and begin to demand the return of the car, which, by the way, was not purchased with his money. He can explain such a requirement by the fact that according to the documents, he is the legal owner of the car.
  2. If a relative or close friend in whose name the car is registered dies, then the power of attorney made for him is automatically revoked. And it will be possible to enter into inheritance rights only after 6 months. And this leads to another problem: during this six months, the car will not be used, and the heirs will not be able to return it.

Therefore, before deciding to re-register your vehicle to another person, even if the owner of the car completely trusts him, it is worth weighing the pros and cons, and figuring out what risks you will have to take. But, despite the fact that this method of saving on the price of compulsory motor insurance is quite risky and can lead to a number of serious reasons, it is considered one of the most effective.

How to calculate the cost

Is it possible to independently calculate how much car insurance will cost for a novice driver? Thanks to the functionality of many insurance companies, today you can pre-calculate the cost of payment before taking out a policy. The calculation is made using an online calculator based on individual data of both the car and the driver. How to do it?

  1. Go to the official website of the insurance company you are interested in.
  2. Go to the menu “Individuals”, “MTPL”.
  3. Register if necessary.
  4. A window with a form appears in front of you, where you need to fill out all the fields, and then click “Calculate”.

The calculator of each insurance company contains a formula based on the coefficients described above, which are determined for each policyholder individually, based on his length of service, age, type of vehicle, power and other things.

Thanks to this function, you have the opportunity to find out not only the specific cost of the policy, but also evaluate the profitability of the offer from each insurance company, thereby choosing the optimal solution for yourself. However, when choosing an insurance company, consider not only the cost of insurance, but also a number of other factors that may affect the quality of service.

How to save on compulsory motor liability insurance in 2018

Territory coefficient. If you live, say, in Chelyabinsk, then the coefficient will be 2.1. In this case, it is worth considering whether you have any relatives living in remote areas, such as Magadan (0.7) or Sevastopol (0.6). Then there is a situation where the car is registered in the name of a relative from a remote corner of Russia, therefore, a smaller coefficient will be taken into account when calculating.

Basic tariff. Today, for passenger cars of individuals that are not used as taxis, there is a tariff range from 3,432 rubles to 4,118 rubles. Consequently, the insurance company has the right to set the initial tariff amount within these figures. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to is that the calculation starts at 3,432 rubles.

Vehicle power. The more powerful the engine in a vehicle, the higher the transport tax and the cost of insurance, since the more horsepower, the greater the risk of getting into an accident. If you just got your license, stay away from fast cars. It is better to gain experience and only then purchase a more powerful car.

How to choose an insurance company

Today, there are a large number of insurance companies on the insurance market, and a person who is faced with such a choice for the first time, namely a driver who does not have much experience, may make the wrong decision. So, how to choose an insurance company? When choosing an insurer, you need to be guided by several evaluation criteria:

  • company rating;
  • reliability;
  • client base;
  • how long has it existed on the insurance market;
  • how customer support is provided;
  • are there any special programs, promotions, discounts;
  • convenient office location.

Don't make a decision quickly. Read reviews from regular customers, read how quickly and in full payments are made for insurance claims. As an alternative, you can take the advice of friends if they constantly renew their MTPL insurance policy. The right thing to do is to choose a proven, reliable company and not rely only on the cost of insurance, especially since the difference will be insignificant. The main thing is that the company has a high reputation and regularly fulfills its responsibilities to clients.

Companies that have been providing a whole range of insurance services for a long time are distinguished by their reliability. These include:

  • Ingosstrakh;
  • Rosgosstrakh;
  • Alfa insurance;
  • Tinkoff;
  • Reso-Garantiya;
  • Sogaz.

The quality of service is also important. Therefore, evaluate all the above criteria together, especially since the MTPL policy is issued for one year, and during this time more than one accident may occur, especially if the driver is driving with little driving experience. Protect yourself, pedestrians and other road users from accidents by taking out insurance from a reliable company.


The open policy ratio (OPR) is a parameter that is also worth paying attention to. The size of this indicator depends on whether there are restrictions regarding the number of persons who have the right to drive the car. If such limits are not provided, then the QR range is 1.8, and if they do exist, then 1. It was already mentioned above that it is better to try not to use the open type of policy. Of course, on the one hand, its use gives the right to put another person behind the wheel of a car, but on the other hand, you will have to pay many times more for this.

Online payment

Fill in the appropriate data and the system will give you the exact cost of compulsory motor liability insurance in Moscow

As is customary, to regulate the cost and calculation of compulsory motor liability insurance, a bill was issued that defines: - Limits on base rates for companies - Calculation of coefficients and their limits - The structure of insurance rates - Boundaries and procedure for the application of tariffs and coefficients by insurers. The decree of the Bank of Russia was enshrined in law and no insurance company has the right to apply insurance rates that do not comply with the law!

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